Huawei 新星 5T –P30 Pro的便宜同父异母兄弟

华为Nova 5T vs P30 Pro评论新加坡价格
华为Nova 5T是更便宜的P30 Pro吗?

您’一直想获得华为P30 Pro,但它’s a bit over your budget? Now you can get the Huawei 新星 5T for a fraction of the price. 您 will not get all the features 上 the P30 Pro but I doubt that you will be using every 上e of them, so 新星 5T might offer just what you need.

新星 5T 正面装有32 MP自拍相机,背面装有功能强大的四摄像头阵列。 It also combines AI-powered image semantic segmentation and partition optimization technology with its rear 48 MP HD lens, 16 MP wide-angle lens, 2 MP macro lens, and 2 MP bokeh lens which can clearly present details in the photo and balance the exposure under all lighting conditions. And using the same flagship Kirin 980 chipset, the pictures taken with the 新星 5T turned out to be pretty good even for low light shots. AWESOME!!!

华为Nova 5T vs P30 Pro评论新加坡价格
Huawei 新星 5T night shot
华为Nova 5T vs P30 Pro评论新加坡价格
华为P30 Pro夜间拍摄

P30 Pro’s night shot is a bit more sharper and vibrant than that of the 新星 5T. I don’t think most people can tell much of a difference. As long as you do not require the 50X moon zoom 上 the P30 Pro, I think 新星 5T will do a good job for you too. Do note that the 新星 5T’的后置相机没有光学图像稳定器,因此,如果手摇晃,与P30 Pro相比,拍摄的图像可能会有点模糊。

Difference Between 新星 5T & P30 Pro

新星 5TP30 Pro
显示 6.26″TFT LCD全高清+ 2340 x 10806.47″OLED FHD + 2340 X 1080
IP68水& Dust Resistant没有
记忆8GB + 128GB8GB + 256GB
8GB + 512GB
后置摄像头 四镜头相机
48 MP(f / 1.8光圈AF)+ 16 M(f / 2.2光圈FF)+ 2 M(f / 2.4光圈FF)+ 2 M(f / 2.4光圈FF),支持自动对焦(相位对焦,对比度对焦)。
40 MP(广角镜,f / 1.6光圈,OIS)+ 20 MP(超广角镜,f / 2.2光圈)+ 8 MP(远摄,f / 3.4光圈,OIS)
前置摄像头 32 MP,f / 2.0光圈 32 MP,f / 2.0光圈
电池 3750毫安 4200毫安
正面比较– P30 Pro 上 Left, 新星 5T 上 Right
华为Nova 5T vs P30 Pro评论新加坡价格
Identical twins? Aurora P30 Pro left versus Crush Blue 新星 5T


华为Nova 5T vs P30 Pro评论新加坡价格
Fingerprint sensor is 上 the power button of 新星 5T

这款手机的22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge技术可确保手机在30分钟内可以为电池充电50%。它与业界领先的GPU Turbo 3.0和8GB RAM集成在一起,将提供全帧游戏体验,并减少诸如PUBG,Fortnite和Mobile Legends等流畅游戏的延迟。

华为Nova 5T vs P30 Pro评论新加坡价格
华为Nova 5T暗蓝色和仲夏紫色

该手机提供三种醒目的配色方案– Crush Blue, Black and Midsummer Purple. The Midsummer Purple edition brings new vibrancy to smartphone aesthetics. It features the 新星 star symbol engraved 上 an elegant purple glass case, which refracts light to produce shimmering waves of contrasting colour and shadow.

Priced at S$598, the 新星 5T is a steal for those who are looking for a budget smartphone with great camera features.


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